Welcome to the blog for our round the world trip.

24 May 2009

Round the World..... and back again!

We've had so many lovely emails asking us for an update since the end of our trip, so here goes.

What can I say? After 322 days, 27000 miles and 35 countries, we headed back to Blighty with the Van of Dreams. The van had made it from the UK to the southern tip of India and back in one piece, via Scandanavia, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Central Asia, China and Pakistan. And all this with only one major mechanical problem and not a single puncture!

The trip was more varied, exciting and enjoyable than we could ever have imagined.... those of you who haven't already taken a look can see for yourselves in the blog below or via our photos and the rest of the website (http://www.roundtheworld2007.co.uk/).

We've had a pretty busy time since then too... I was several months pregnant by the time we came back from our trip and our baby son Oliver joined us in October. His arrival prompted a new house purchase and a very sad farewell to the Van of Dreams (to be replaced by a more child friendly vehicle, but also hopefully another VW van in due course...).

And we are getting tons of questions from the blog and website from people who are planning their own adventures to far flung lands... happy travels to you all!


from Michael, Helen and Ollie